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We meet on the Second Wednesday each Month

Meeting 7 pm at Twin Cities Sportsman Club in Stanwood

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Welcome to the NW Chapter of Washington Waterfowl Association


You have joined a group of waterfowl enthusiasts that enjoy keeping the

season going all year.


We are excited to have you as a new member! Whether you are an old

hand and can talk duck in your sleep, or a new hunter still trying to figure out how to get your decoys to float right, we have a place in the club for you and your family. 


The Chapter is pretty active with a handful of projects per year. These

provide chances to explore new areas, fix up your favorite areas, and talk to members that have hunted the area for over 40 years.  We do these projects out of our own coffers as well as with Migratory Bird Permit (aka Duck Stamp) Funds, to help enhance our public lands to make them better for waterfowl.  The NW Chapter also has been busy over the last few years putting in new Blinds at the Samish and Farmed Island Units.  Post season there are always hunting area clean-ups and getting to our wood duck box installing and maintenance.  This year we are starting something new with Mallard Nesting tubes.  We are able to do these project because of people like you giving your knowledge, time, and energy.  So we look forward to having you and your family out with us!


Monthly Chapter meetings last about 1.5  to 2 hours.  I strive to have a 
guest speaker each month.  These speakers cover everything from WDFW Enforcement to Swans.  Something new we are doing is having members do a 20 min class on a "style" of hunting.  We also do a Club Duck Boat Show, so members get ideas on how to work on their boat and cut down on some of the "Wish I Would Haves!" on your waterfowling list.


Are you a MASTER?


WWA is a volunteer organization and we are only limited by what

our members are able to do. We are always looking for members with  technical knowledge for reviewing agency plans and season settings, a and folks who can help us manage our events and chapter.  Bartenders, Small Business Owner, know how to call Wood Ducks, got two hands and a heartbeat, then you are perfect!!!  The NW is always wanting to do more things and members make it happen. 



Thanks for your support.


Rick Billieu






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