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About Us

Our Mission

Preserve, protect, and promote waterfowl, waterfowl habitat, and waterfowl hunting; particularly in the state of Washington

To that end, we teach folks about waterfowl, waterfowl conservation, sportsmanship, shooting, hunter safety, and waterfowling. We also study, advise, recommend, and secure enactment of legislation in the interest of waterfow, their habitat, and waterfowl hunting.

Who We Are, What We Do...

With nearly 70 years of volunteerism to its credit, Washington Waterfowl Association, (WWA) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit corporation dedicated to waterfowl conservation, habitat improvement, and hunting within the State of Washington.  With chapters across the state, we focus on putting your ideas and your donations into action, in your area.

We are a hands-on organization whose members "put their money (and backs) where their mouths are" literally donating thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours every year to support waterfowl and waterfowl hunters, including assisting the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) in habitat enhancement projects throughout the state. All of our projects have been on public lands to ensure that our efforts in habitat enhancement benefit all hunters and citizens of the state.  WWA has been active in these various conservation efforts since its formation in 1945.

Our approach to conservation focuses on these 5 pillars:

Habitat - Improve waterfowl habitat through various activities such as providing nesting, planting forage, cleaning garbage, and more.  The WWA partners with the WDFW and with other conservation organizations to identify the needs of the birds and where our public waterfowl habitat can be best improved.

Access- Volunteer our time and money to improve public access on public lands.  Building blinds, cleared brush, and worked with local and state agencies to push to have projects of waterfowling access prioritized.

Education - Provide education for kids and adults through our mentorship program and mentored hunts.  Publish useful information pertinent to the waterfowl world in our newsletter.  Local chapters get speakers and provide programs to educate our members on a wide variety of topics.

 Advocacy - Act as the voice of the Washington waterfowler.  Fight for public lands and hunters rights across the state.  From submitting positions in public comment, to attending local government forums, to sitting on state advisory groups.  The WWA works on the local, state, and federal levels to ensure that waterfowl and waterfowlers are represented.

Community - Create an inclusive environment where people of similar interest can interact together.  There are WWA events regularly all over the state of Washington.  Members make life-long friends in our organization.  The WWA is an entirely volunteer organization and many members will attest, you get out what you put in.

A few facts about WWA:

  • Established in 1945
  • Non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization
  • Eleven established chapters throughout Washington
  • All resources applied within Washington
  • Presence on the WDFW Waterfowl Advisory Group

Our projects include nest box construction, litter pickup projects, nest counts, Eagle Scout and other youth group programs, monthly chapter meetings, working at federal refuges and state wildlife areas, participation in sportsman's shows, youth gun safety and hunter education classes, hosting shooting events, building blinds (including access for disable persons), working with local Tribes, and planting of food plots for waterfowl, to name a few!  And when our hunting heritage is threatened, WWA has stepped to the plate with strong political action, in addition to tailoring legislation and game laws for the benefit of waterfowl and waterfowl hunters.

We don't "contract out" our efforts, our members and their families roll up their sleeves and work together as a team to complete our projects.  We have a real sense of community and fellowship as we donate our time to enhance habitat and promote our favorite pastime, waterfowling! 


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WWA By-Laws (Download in PDF format)



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